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Bowfishing Services

Bowfishing Equipment:
Our bowfishing equipment consists of a new 2012 SeaArk 20' jon boat powered by a 40 hp outboard. Onboard we have a cooler for food and drinks. The boat has a raised front deck with six high pressure sodium and metal halide lights. We use a minkota riptide trolling motor to get into the shallows. Lights are run off a new Honda generator for quiet operation.

West Wind Outfitters will equip each shooter with a brand-new Matthews or Hoyt compound bow fully rigged with products from AMS Bowfishing and Muzzy products. We are able to accommodate both right and left hand shooters. All of our bows are fully adjustable for draw length and weight, we will custom fit each bow to you (men, women or children) before we leave the dock.

Bowfishing Trips:
Trips: West Wind Outfitters bowfishes out of the Delaware River in central New Jersey. Usually the day before the trip we will establish a meeting place with you. Trips will usually start at 8 p.m. and run until midnight. Please keep in mind that since bowfishing is a sight sport, clarity of the water is the most important factor, heavy rains prior to your trip could cause us to reschedule because of heavy silt conditions.

Species of fish that you will encounter are common carp, grass carp, suckers, catfish and snakeheads. Most shots are within ten feet. The prime time is in May when the big carp are spawning, but good shooting is encountered throughout the Summer and Fall with carp ranging from 5 to 60 lbs. Bowfishing is a fun sport for the whole family and is a way to keep shooting throughout the spring, summer and fall.

Service Cost
1 - 2 People$300 minimum boat rate price
3 - 4 People$125 per person
50% deposit required
Deposits are refundable up to 30 days before trip.
After 30 days deposit is only refundable if date can be rebooked. If West Wind Outfitters cancels a trip due to bad weather refunds will only be given if no other dates are available.
  • No alcohol on boat
  • All equipment is provided
  • Please bring your own snacks, drinks & cameras
  • Bring your PA or NJ fishing license
NJ License Fees:
Resident fishing $22.50/year
Non-Resident $34.00/year
Non-Resident 2 day $9.00

Duck Hunting Services

Brant Hunting
New Jersey is home to the largest concentration of wintering Brant on the Eastern flyway. Peak times are mid-November to January. The birds usually decoy beautifully and shots are within 10 to 15 yards.

Sea Duck Hunting
Long tailed ducks, Black, White and Surf Scooters. These are open water hunts at a fast pace. Scooters run from mid-October to January in good numbers. Old Squall are by far the most sought after Sea Duck and peaks in mid-November to January. Anyone who has hunted these birds knows some days they decoy beautifully and other days they won't even look at you.

Diver Hunts
New Jersey is home to thousands of Broadbill and a good Broadbill shoot cannot by rivaled by anything else. Hunters usually take a mix of Broadbill, Red heads and Canvasbacks, Buffleheads, Mergensers and Golden Eye. It is not uncommon to see thousands of birds moving in waves to their feeding areas on this hunt. Peak times for this hunt are mid-December through January.

All hunts will be back at boat ramp by 12:30PM
unless other arrangements have been made.
Service Cost
1 Man Hunt$300
2 - 6 Man Hunt$175 per person
Full Day Hunts$100 additional per man
50% deposit required
Deposits are refundable up to 30 days before hunt.
After 30 days deposit is only refundable if date can be rebooked. If West Wind Outfitters cancels a trip due to bad weather refunds will only be given if no other dates are available.
Please Note:
Since Saturdays are prime dates, Saturdays will only be given to groups of 3 or larger.

Hunters are responsible for taking home their harvested birds so please bring a cooler or bags to put them in. Federal laws prohibit us from carrying other hunters' possession limits.

What to Bring?

      Feel free to bring your cameras or video cameras if you like. Hunters are responsible to bring their own:
  • Waders
  • Shotguns
  • Foul weather gear
  • Any food or beverages (no alcohol)
  • Licenses
  • Stamps & HIP numbers
  • Ammo - We recommend #3 steel shot because we find this ammo works well in any situation.

This section is from NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife website.
Migratory Bird Hunting Is Not Permitted On Sundays In NJ
What Do I Need To Hunt Migratory Birds In New Jersey?
  • To hunt crows you need a New Jersey hunting license - See 2008-09 NJ Fish and Wildlife Digest for hunting license requirements and fees.
  • To hunt woodcock, rails, snipe, coots or gallinules you need a New Jersey hunting license and Harvest Information Program (HIP) certification.
  • To hunt ducks, geese and/or brant you need a New Jersey hunting license, HIP certification, Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp and New Jersey Waterfowl Stamp. Both Federal and State stamps are required for waterfowl hunters 16 years of age and older and must be signed across the face in ink.

Harvest Information Program (HIP)
Hunters must obtain a HIP certification before hunting ducks, geese, brant, coot, woodcock, rails, snipe, or gallinules. All HIP certifications are handled through the state's new Integrated Electronic Licensing System (IELS). Migratory bird hunters can get their HIP

Certification one of three ways:

  • Online at the license sales web site.
  • From a license agent using the new IELS system.
  • By calling the toll-free NJ telephone sales line at (888) 277-2015.

All 3 methods allow hunters to go hunting immediately after registering. Online and license agent HIP certifications will cost $2.00 while telephone HIP certifications will include a shipping/handling fee and cost $5.13. Internet HIP certifications can be printed on a home computer. Telephone HIP certifications will be received in about 1 week; however, hunters can begin hunting immediately by recording their HIP certification number. HIP certification should be carried in the hunter's license holder. HIP certifications are valid from Sept. 1, 2008 to March 10, 2009. Information collected in HIP is confidential and used by the USFWS for conducting migratory bird harvest surveys. As in the past, the USFWS will mail harvest survey information to a small, random sample of HIP registrants.