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Guide Service for Bowfish Hunting Trips

Bow Fishing Trips & Guide Service in New Jersey West Wind Outfitters hosts some of the best bowfishing trips in New Jersey! Bow fish (or bowfish) hunting is one of those recreational activities that is gaining more popularity the last few years. Bowfishing combines the skill of archery with the thrill of fishing. Bowfishermen use archery equipment (compound bows, traditional bows, and crossbows) with specially designed bowfishing reels and line. A fish is shot with the arrow and then reeled in with the reel. Quite simply, bowfishing is fishing with a bow and arrow.

Bowfishing is legal in almost any water where rod and reel fishing is in New Jersey and West Wind Outfitters can guide you onto some great bowfishing that can be found all over NJ.

We get asked a lot if a customer can use their deer hunting bow for bowfishing. Well the answer to that is Yes! You just have to be able to remove some of your deer hunting accessories and replace them with bowfishing accessories, like your sights, rest, stabilizer, etc.

If you are already an experienced archer, either at targets or in bow hunting, the transition to bow fishing will prove very easy. Invest in the best bowfishing reel you can afford and be sure to get the proper type of arrow points that really make bowfishing work. For example, while there is no rule on the kind of fish point you will use, it is better if you will choose one with reversible barb. It makes shooting, removing fish and being ready to shoot again much easier. Also, since the line will be your connection to your fish, it's important to give thought to the type and strength of your bowfishing line.

If you have never tried bow fishing before then now is the time and West Wind Outfitters can help. Contact us now to reserve your date or to find out more about our guide service for bow fishing trips check out our Rates & Info page.